Welcome to the Political Ecologies of the Far Right network

In light of accelerating climate change and environmental degradation on the one hand and the rise of the far right in and outside of parliaments around the world on the other, the Political Ecologies of the Far Right network (PEFR network) aims to support work on articulations and mobilisation of the natural environment by the far right – from climate obstruction to claims to protect the diversity of the homeland’s “nature”, and the interconnectedness of the two.

Thus, our goal to support and connect researchers and practitioners globally by creating a network to engage with this timely issue.

To this end, we aim to foster information sharing and act as an access and contact point to anyone interested in the phenomenon, from academics to activists, practitioners, the media and other non-governmental actors.

Initially, the network co-organises the Political Ecologies of the Far Right 2024 conference, to be held in Uppsala, Sweden in January 2024. Please see the Call for Papers below. At the conference, there will be a session on the future of the network, and we will welcome anyone who wants to join or collaborate.